About us


Working as freelancers in the field, we accumulated our experience through working with Non-Profit local and international organizations and donor agencies in addition to commercial businesses.

The idea of our work was founded by Francis Tams in 1996 and joined by Dina Zreineh-Wakileh in 2003 who became a partner in 2007, together with built the concept of professionalism and uniqueness in the service provided.

Our Objective

To help you link between the three main factors: Management, Donor and Government in all aspects of financial work

Our Mission

Our mission is to efficiently maximize financial Planning,

monitoring and evaluation of your work; For you to achieve

your goals.

Our belief


When leaders do their best work, they don’t copy anyone. They draw on their own values and capabilities”


Accounting is one of the essential factors for any entity; therefore, it should suit your needs, in parallel with the general principle of accounting. This can be achieved only through working in the house.


How do we Work

Despite the many similar aspects between NGOs and Private businesses, each of them endowed with arrays of talent and skills that distinguish them from every other entity. That’s why we can apply the perspective of seeing, understanding, and valuing the differences that brought to the table by the entities we work with, we face our challenge to leverage the differences by seeing your needs, then we set a  work plan together that focuses on your strengths and develops the right skills and the right tools to overcome the weaknesses. By this strategy, we fill in the gap of each institute and company using our assorted experience, and our latest knowledge of the most relevant laws and regulations.


In our work, we focus on direct interaction with all relevant factors that make the results realistic and practical. We set the base, lead you through the way and make sure you can move on or even accompany you all the way.


Our Field Work


  1. Accounting and Financial work

Our team can provide all kind of daily accounting work, salary calculation and all related tax work in the region.

We can help you build your budgets, create systems to track it and report accordingly to all parties involved, management, board members, Government and Donors.

We prepare periodical and yearly financial statements for internal management use, for donors and government needs as per the set regulations.

  1. Supervision and Control


We provide supervision services for internal control purposes, this includes reviewing and checking the accounts and systemizing the financial procedures to best suit your organization following local and international laws and regulations, linking between the management and the financial needs, as a basic requirement for a successful future. Our strategy is to study and analyze the company or the organization’s ability, create a suitable financial system, and summarize it all in a financial manual that would be specifically designed for your entity. We also can follow up with you to ensure its actual application and update it when needed according to the developments.


  1. Tax Consultation

We provide tax consultation to Commercial, Individuals and NGO sectors regarding Labor law and National insurance, Income tax and VAT according to our region.



  1. Auditing and quality assurance

We provide the services of internal audit and quality assurance.

Also, we provide statutory audit, tax audit to both Commercial and NGOs. Since our speciality is for NGOs we also provide annual and special projects audit for donors use, especially that we are acquainted with several donors’ regulations.




  1. Assessment


We do organizational analysis and assessments as neutral third parties that can help you (as a donor or any other body of concern) to evaluate your decisions in regards to organizations, point out potentials of investment in a capacity building especially in financial field or organizational development.




  1. Donors Consultation


One important aspect of a successful business is open communication. We will act as a mediator and a link between you; the donor and the partner organizations. We can facilitate and smoothen the understanding of sides’ regulations and requirements, backgrounds and local laws and compliance with them. This will come out with a better reporting system and better use of these reports as a tool for planning, monitoring and evaluation and not as a final


We can pre-review these reports and highlight the most important elements and ensure that all required information is available to ease the communication and shorten processing time.





  1. Capacity Building


We facilitate special financial workshops and administer specific short to medium term financial training sessions and many other varied common concern topics. We either administer these sessions on behalf of following the donor agencies to a group of partners or privately upon the organizations’ request or as deemed necessary.




Francis Tams – MBA


MBA   graduate of the Cumbria University UK 2016 in Leadership and Sustainability MBA, and graduate of al Ummeh College 1987, and the international correspondence school Pennsylvania USA 1995. Mr Tams with his long experience in the finance field in NGOs and different Donor’s agencies have brought him to become one of the most successful and well known specialized financial consultants not only in his hometown Jerusalem but in many different cities locally and expanding to the neighbouring countries.



Dina Zreineh Wakileh – CPA


B.A. graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2003 in Accounting and Economics. She obtained her CPA in 2005. Member of ICPA. Recently completed a specialized NGO course. Mrs Wakileh with her experience in auditing and her enthusiasm to work for raising the financial performance level of our organizations she decided to join this work in parallel to her auditing job since

2003 until she became a partner in 2007.



Elias Habash – BA


B.A. graduate of the University of Atlanta in marketing. He joined the field of accounting in 2011 where he invested in himself to support his new career and graduated from The Business College in Accounting “A and B advance”, he is a current student of Tax Consultant. Elias started as a team member of FaD in

2011 until he became a partner.


Team members:

Besides to the three partners we have currently another three staff members working under our supervision,  carefully chosen to maintain the quality standards we set for our work, With the flexibility to expand our staff according to the needs and the dynamic of our work.


  • Amal Zreineh Accounting A and B advance from the Hebrew University.
  • Wael Estephan BA   Economic   at   Thessaloniki   University   Greece, Accounting “A and B advance” Business College
  • Nadim Khoury BA accounting Beirzit university





Why us


We have accumulated the experience in the field that would spare you the trial and error phase. We work on a part-time basis that reduces your costs.

Simply, we can deliver any job needed in less time and less cost with high quality.

We help you build your entity from the ground up, and accompany you throughout your journey.


Beneficiaries of our services


Local Nonprofit Organizations


  • Al Mamal Foundation – Jerusal
  • Palestinian Art Court – Al-Hoash –
  • Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology –
  • Sunbula Craft-aid Center-
  • Theatre Day Production – TDP – Ayam Al Masrah – Ramallah and Gaza.
  • The Palestine National Theatre Hakawaty –
  • Gypsy Community Center, “Domari” –
  • Magnificat Institute –
  • CIC/FPO- Christian Information Center- Franciscan Pilgrims Office –
  • Jerusalem Tourist Cluster JTC –
  • Sidreh –
  • Kayan Feminist organization –
  • Assiwar – Arab Women Movements –
  • Women Studies Center – WSC –
  • Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling – WCLAC – Jerusalem and Ramallah.
  • Sanad Association – Baka Al Garbia, Jett.
  • Tabeetha School – Yafo-Tel Aviv.


International Nonprofit Organizations & Donor agencies


  • Protestant Agency for Diakonia and Development for “Bread for the

World- Protestant Development Service” – Germany.

  • CordAid – Netherland.
  • Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel – EAPPI – Jerusalem/Geneva.
  • EducAid – Italy.
  • Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBF) – Germany.
  • The Feminist Peace Organization Cfd- Switzerland.
  • UNAIS – United Nations Association International Service – the UK.
  • Stitching Kinderpostzegels SKN – Netherland.
  • Mennonite Committee Center MCC – the USA.
  • Swedish Christians Study Center – SCSC, Bilda. – Jerusalem/Sweden
  • Swedish Theology Institute STI, Church of Sweden. – Jerusalem/Sweden.
  • Danish Center for Cultural Development DCCD – Denmark.
  • Church of Scotland- UK/Jerusalem.
  • Alianza por la Solidaridad-APS, – Spain.


Commercial Business

  • Daher Travel Ltd.- Jerusalem.
  • St. Andrew’s Scottish Guest House – Jerusalem.
  • Golden Tulip Hotel – Jerusalem.
  • Shepherds Tour and Travel – Jerusalem.
  • KAS. Koury Audio Systems- Jerusalem.
  • Via Emmaus Tours – Jerusalem.
  • Other individuals – Jerusalem.